We use and develop modern theoretical tools to describe functional energy materials at the microscopic level. Our goal is to understand and predict electronic, optical, and dynamical properties in a wide range of complex materials systems. These include hybrid molecule-metal interfaces, halide perovskites, organic semiconductors, ion conductors and more. To this end we combine quantum-mechanical approaches, molecular dynamics, and state-of-the-art computational techniques, see research section.

Recent group news

10.08.2020: Xiangzhou’s work in collaboration with our experimental partners is published in Nano Letters.

30.06.2020: Our paper on exciton diffusion in 2D halide perovskites with the Chernikov and Yaffe group was posted on arXiv.

09.06.2020: The folks at e-conversion recently interviewed David – see here.

02.06.2020: The group welcomes Waldemar Schmunk. He’ll work as a BSc student in our group.

27.04.2020: We warmly welcome Stefan Böhm as a BSc student in our group.

20.04.2020: The group welcomes Karina Houska, who will work on her BSc project with us.

18.03.2020: David becomes a Fellow of the Young Academy of Europe.

16.03.2020: The entire group works in home office now.

02.03.2020: A warm welcome to Manuel Grumet, who joins our group as a graduate student.

31.01.2020: Great start for the new year: superb team effort of Daniel with our collaborators from the Weizmann Institute makes it into Advanced Materials.

Old News