Group News Archive


14.12.2022: The group celebrated Christmas and the end of the year with an escape game and dinner.

01.12.2022: The group warmly welcomes Philip Schwinghammer, who is joining us to work on his MSc research project.

20.10.2022: Xiangzhou’s collaboration with various experimental and theoretical groups on excitons and phase transitions in 2D perovskites is published in ACS Photonics.

21.09.2022: David writes a Nature “News and Views” article on electrostriction.

19.09.2022: Together with Artem Bakulin, Tim Berkelbach and Omer Yaffe we organized an international meeting with great speakers at TUM-IAS.

07.09.2022: We are very happy that in-person conferences are happening again: part of our group attends the DPG in Regensburg.

03.08.2022: We were out for a group hike in the Bavarian Alps, see here for our peak shot.

02.08.2022: Non-adiabatic couplings in TDDFT with optimally-tuned functionals: Berni’s work is published as a JCP Communication.

27.07.2022: Sebastian’s work with collaborators from the Walter-Schottky Institute on lead-free chiral perovskites is published in JACS.

14.07.2022: David received the “Golden Chalk” by physics students for “Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics” as the best lecture of the B.Sc. program in 2021/22.

23.06.2022: The findings of Manuel’s collaboration with the Yaffe and Zeier groups on dynamics of sodium ion conductors get published in JPCL.

02.06.2022: Christian is now Dr. Gehrmann (see here), many congratulations!

23.05.2022: The group warmly welcomes Clara Scarpatetti, who is joining for her B.Sc. thesis.

21.04.2022: Xiangzhou’s work on disorder in halide perovskites has been published as an “Early-Career Forum Article” in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

12.04.2022: The group has moved to new offices and welcomes its newest members: Christian Reverón Baecker, Franz Pöschl and Markus Amaseder.

04.04.2022: Our work on transversal halide motions is published as a “Rising Star” article in Advanced Science.

24.03.2022: David joins the board of the European Society for Quantum Solar Energy Conversion.


09.12.2021: From the joint work of Christian, Sebastian and Xiangzhou two articles on finite-temperature dynamics in halide perovskites have been recently posted on arXiv.

25.08.2021: Our group outing at the high-ropes park was fun – see here.

02.08.2021: Frederico Delgado joins the group as a PhD student – welcome to the team, Frederico!

20.07.2021: Long time no see: we recently had a half-day group meeting with online visitors and a nice lunch break in Garching.

08.06.2021: Berni’s paper with the Nijhuis group and other collaborators on tuning the conductivity of molecular wires is published in Nature Communications.

15.05.2021: We have published an ACS Energy Letters perspective article on polarons and dynamic disorder in halide perovskites, which has been written with our collaborators and led by Max.

08.03.2021: Stefan’s recent paper summarizes a great team effort to extend the SRSH functional to phonon calculations of semiconductors!

18.01.2021: Franziska Hegner secures a Walter Benjamin Fellowship and joins our group as a postdoctoral fellow. It’s great to have you in our team Franziska!


15.12.2020: Sebastián Caicedo-Dávila joins our group as a postdoctoral fellow. A warm welcome to Sebastián!

08.12.2020: And a great end for the year: Berni’s paper on excited-state potential energy surfaces published in Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation.

30.11.2020: Christian’s work in collaboration with friends from the Yaffe group at Weizmann published as Editors’ suggestion in Physical Review Materials.

17.11.2020: Long overdue update: Karin Thalmann and Martin Schwade recently joined us for working on their MSc theses – a warm welcome to both! And another paper by Xiangzhou on 2D halide perovskites in collaboration with experimental groups appeared in ACS Energy Letters.

10.08.2020: Xiangzhou’s work in collaboration with our experimental partners is published in Nano Letters.

30.06.2020: Our paper on exciton diffusion in 2D halide perovskites with the Chernikov and Yaffe group was posted on arXiv.

09.06.2020: The folks at e-conversion recently interviewed David – see here.

02.06.2020: The group welcomes Waldemar Schmunk. He’ll work as a BSc student in our group.

27.04.2020: We warmly welcome Stefan Böhm as a BSc student in our group.

20.04.2020: The group welcomes Karina Houska, who will work on her BSc project with us.

18.03.2020: David becomes a Fellow of the Young Academy of Europe.

16.03.2020: The entire group works in home office now.

02.03.2020: A warm welcome to Manuel Grumet, who joins our group as a graduate student.

31.01.2020: Great start for the new year: superb team effort of Daniel with our collaborators from the Weizmann Institute makes it into Advanced Materials.


10.12.2019: We celebrated the upcoming end of 2019 with a Christmas party and curling in the Hirschgarten!

06.12.2019: Another paper with our collaborators from the Weizmann Institute was posted on arXiv.

21.11.2019: Our first paper on solid ion conductors with friends from the Weizmann Institute was posted on arXiv.

28.10.2019: Our group welcomes its newest member, Xiangzhou Zhu, who joins us as a graduate student.

02.10.2019: David becomes a PI in the SolTech initiative.

12.09.2019: Congratulations to Berni who received a poster prize at the e-conversion meeting in Venice!

30.08.2019: Lisi’s paper on magnetic configurations at molecule-metal interfaces was published in Physical Review Materials.

22.07.2019: David joins the e-conversion excellence cluster at TUM!

17.07.2019: Christian’s paper on disorder and Urbach energies in halide perovskites has appeared in Nature Communications – see also a news article in German by the University of Regensburg.

12.07.2019: We had our first group outing in Munich to celebrate Hubert’s completed thesis and our start at TUM.

10.07.2019: Our paper on the charge transport through self-assembled monolayers with collaborators from Singapore and Heidelberg was published.

17.06.2019: New city & new group name: our move to TUM has been completed.

03.06.2019: We are very happy to welcome our new group member, Carola Kappauf, who will support our office duties.

13.05.2019: David has accepted a position in the Department of Physics at TUM and we are moving to Munich! Our farewell party with colleagues & friends was the last chance for a group picture in Regensburg.

03.02.2019: Christian’s paper on disorder and Urbach energies in perovskites was posted on arXiv.

01.02.2019: We are happy to be part of a new priority program that will fund perovskite research in Germany.

28.01.2019: Hubert’s benchmark study on structure and binding in halide perovskites has been deposited on arXiv.


01.12.2018: We are very happy to welcome our new group member Lisi Wruß, who will be working as a postdoctoral fellow with us.

17.10.2018: To say Goodbye to Arun, and to welcome Berni and Daniel, our group recently went on a hike in the lovely Laber valley close to Regensburg.

10.10.2018: A paper with our collaborators from the Weizmann Institute and the University of Pennsylvania on defects in halide perovskites has been deposited on arXiv.

02.10.2018: Max, Christian and David attended the PSCO meeting in Lausanne – we had fun!

01.10.2018: A warm welcome to the new members of our group, Daniel Angerer and Bernhard Kretz.

27.08.2018: Part of our group visited the lab of Omer Yaffe at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

16.07.2018: We are very happy to welcome Arun Sagotra from UNSW Sydney, who is visiting us for the next three months.

29.06.2018: The CMS group visited the impressive Schulerloch cave near Kelheim.

24.05.2018: A paper by David on antimony halide perovskites has been deposited on arXiv.

22.05.2018: We received startup funding within the UR Fellows Program for launching an interdisciplinary initiative with colleagues in experimental physics and chemistry!

14.05.2018: Our group had some exciting days discussing science and hiking along the Danube with our visitor Prof. Andrew Rappe from the University of Pennsylvania.

09.05.2018: Welcome to Harikrishnan K.P from IIT Bombay who is visiting us this summer!

30.04.2018: We are grateful to receive computing time for JUWELS, Jülich supercomputing center.

25.04.2018: David delivers the keynote lecture at the network meeting of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Regensburg.

22.03.2018: What remains unexplained about the properties of halide perovskites? Click here to find out.

12.03.2018: Hubert Beck has joined the group for his M.Sc. thesis, welcome Hubert!

08.02.2018: Our group celebrated its one year anniversary with a dinner and playing some bowling.

05.02.2018: We are happy to welcome Harshini Venkata Annadata from the National University of Singapore as a visiting student.

10.01.2018: Check out our recent collaborative papers, posted on arXiv, on phonons in hybrid perovskites and their relation to carrier lifetimes and ionic composition.

06.12.2017: Our group had fun at a Christmas outing & visited the excellent Kepler museum.

11.10.2017: We are very happy to welcome two new group members: Max Schilcher joins as a PhD student, and Robert Hrdina supports our office duties.

04.07.2017: We visited the lovely Regensburg surroundings for some climbing and paddling action.

08.06.2017: Our group is co-organizing a minisymposium on theoretical chemistry in Regensburg.

26.05.2017: We are proud to be part of SFB 1277, granted by the German Science Foundation.

19.05.2017: Our group celebrated its start at the Regensburg Dult, click here for a group picture!

04.05.2017: We are very happy to welcome Keshav Srinivasan from IIT Bombay as a visiting student!

27.04.2017: We are grateful to receive computing time for JURECA, Jülich supercomputing center.

03.04.2017: Christian Gehrmann has joined us as a PhD student, welcome to the group Christian!

04.03.2017: Stefan Seidl has joined the group as a PhD student, welcome Stefan!

01.02.2017: the CMS group starts in Regensburg, exciting times!